Current Residential And Wall Color Trends

Current residential and wall color trims - which predictions are so far true!

We already covered the topic in detail with the current living colors in January. It was about predictions and trends. The weather is good, and we can already see in practice how the color prognoses have really developed.

We will now provide you with a summary of the current residential colors through practical examples of their use.

Let it shine!

The shining colors are very popular 2017 and in practice they were also very well received by the people. On the Internet, there are many pictures of accents in yellow, mustard and other shades reminiscent of the sun. What about a bright coffee table for the terrace or the additional seating corner in the kitchen?

Coffee table in Sonnengelb

Home Decor Wall Paint Trends Interior Design Color

Villa Green

Despite all modernist and futuristic trend predictions, many people feel a longing for rural nature. We are happy to transfer this mood through the green of the Landhaus into our urban apartments. It is best to use it as a trendy wall paint.

Transfer the villa green into your home

Home Decor Wall Paint Trends Interior Design Color Green Living Room

Emphasizing gentle shapes in blue

Various reflective nuances of blue are also very popular both on theory and in practice. They seem to go hand in hand with gentle, especially oval shapes. This also includes furniture, such as chairs or sofas, which are fitted with round or oval edges instead of sharp edges.

An example of the gentle design in blue

Home Decor Wall Paint Trends Interior Design Color Gentle Blue

Greenery is the color of the year by Pantone Institute. And in fact, it is very popular. As a wall paint in different rooms at home or as an accent color here and there, Greenery is perfectly usable. Let's see if this green color will also prevail in the decoration and jewelery as it was predicted.

In a neutral environment the color Greenery looks perfect

Living Colors Wall Paint Trends Interior Design Color Greenery Design sofa

The current green colors also include olive. Perhaps because it has a very modern character. This color is also very pleasant with metallic luster. We find many furniture in olive - both upholstered chairs, as well as cabinets and shelves.

Olive is the highlight of the green color palette

Home Decor Wall Paint Trends Interior Design Color olive design

The beautiful nuances of the stones are now introduced into apartments by stains. They come with vintage furniture and also with the wall design. They are also very popular in open living areas to correspond with workspaces. They can also form contrasts with wood or other natural textures.

A combination of vintage furniture and stunts

Living Colors Wall Colors Trends Interior Design Color Stone nuances Vintage furniture

Mushroom (mushroom) is another trendy color that was more enforced by the consumers than by the specialists. It is used to spice up classic or minimalist home furnishings. Mushroom is a good alternative to wood or to other beige and brown tones. It can be combined with these to create a colorful mood. We continue to have a lot of interesting"striped"concepts.

Be minimalistic with the Mushroom color

Home Decor Wall Paint Trends Interior Design Paint Mushroom Wood

Black chiffon

Pure black is often replaced by alternatives. This explains the rise of the gray colors in the last few seasons. This year is another variation, namely the black chiffon very modern. A wonderful variation for masculine facilities - complete or in specific areas of the apartment. Tables and wall shelves in black chiffon are often found on the Internet.

You can use the color of black chiffon completely or only in certain zones

Living Colors Wall Chairs Trends Interior Design Color Black chiffon table

Balanced color duo gray-brown (poised taupe)

Sherwin-Williams has predicted the popularity of warm gray and that was a hit. Poised Taupe is widely used in residential design in 2017. Many surfaces are designed in this color and in similar nuances.

Combine the colors gray and brown in the living room

Shadow is the color of the year by Benjamin Moore. It was clear that she would like many designers, interior designers and fashion fans. As varied and mobile as a shadow, she deserves her name. It would give a strong character to both a classic and a modern interior design. She writes herself perfectly into both interiors - because she is just reminiscent of purple - the traditional aristocratic color, which also contains modern (even futuristic) gray and metallic elements.

Shadow-color-varied and moveable like a shadow

Living Colors Wall Paint Trends Interior Design Color Shadow Gray Metallic-resized

Bright lilas

Similar to the warm gray, the bright lilas also assume very wide areas in the interior. They are perhaps the optimal intermediate between feminine and masculine. That is why they are very popular in family houses and apartments.

Decide for a bright purple

This is the latest discovery in color design, which attempts to loosen the classic white. This color can be applied to any surface. There are many rooms in Ramie, with walls, furniture and curtain walls in this trendy color. A few accents in gray and black are already sufficient to give more character to such an interior design. The interesting lines and textures do the rest.

The latest discovery: classic white with black and gray accents

The balanced duo gray and brown

Let it shine!

Wall Paints Wall Paints Trends Interior Design Color Yellow Sun Terrace

Use the greenery color in different rooms

Gentle blue with oval shape of a piece of furniture

Home Decor Wall Paint Trends Interior Design Color Gentle Blue Oval edge furniture

Design your living room with reflective blue nuances

Black chiffon is a wonderful variation for your kitchen

A few accents in gray and black are enough for modern interior design

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