Tiles As Decoration - Cool Accessories For Your Home

Use tiles as decoration for your exterior pool.

When you think of tile, you think sure first to wall or floor tiles in kitchen, bathroom or hallway. Not necessarily include tile on the floor or on the wall. In addition, they are also excellent for decorative purposes and have the potential to act as a stylish accessory. This is made possible by the enormous colors, shapes and decorative variety of offered tiles. Sometimes it seems almost too good to make complete living rooms with expensive tiles. Instead, you can use a small number of tiles to make fascinating points in your home.

Kemmler tiles as decoration living room floor tiles

Basically, it is not a modern invention to use tiles as decoration. Earlier, for example, the Dutch Delft tiles served as coasters, so the table cloth was not spotted by a leaky coffee pot. Although it must be today no Delft tiles more as coasters for example, candles, water carafes and vases can but also today still filigree crafted tiles are used. Compared to many other materials, tiles are heat-resistant and waterproof and scratch-resistant. Also, they are ideal as a seasonal decoration, because they are quickly and easily interchangeable.Here you can combine perfectly tiles with different designs and different formats, to make a particularly sexy arrangement - for example, as a table decoration, for storing salt and pepper -.Practical and beautiful tiles are also as protective covers for the cooking zone, where are this large-format floor tiles particularly suitable. Sit them at an angle behind the stove, protect your wall and can still easily clean if needed, other than a fixed tile mirror.

Living with decorative tiles

No matter for what lifestyle you are looking for the right design, the range of tiles is richer than ever. You remember either in its structure and appearance at high-quality marble, natural sandstone or wood. With the last design namely constitutes one of the hippest trends wood look tiles. These are not just naturally beautiful, but also permanently valuable. Lay, for example, wood look floor tiles, combine two worlds. In addition to the advantage of the durability of tile get the vibrant look of wood in your four walls. Your choice is on floor tiles in wood look, you opt for a high-quality, sustainable and aesthetic living environment. Is safe: your living area with wood look floor tiles provide you with a beautiful wooden floor, which - as simply clean of wood - in the actual use is different and suffers neither water nor dirt. The time, in the only solid colors in small formats there and floor tiles, is long gone. Want to lay floor tiles, wood, large format tiles with a side length of up to one and a half meters, use - wood look is certainly in vogue.

Floor and wall tiles with wood optics

Dark brown kitchen utensils and lighter floor tiles

Very elegant bathroom Interior

Combination of bright floor tiles and dark wall

Wood look floor tiles and red accents in the living room

Don't you think interesting color combination in the living room?

Wood look floor tiles and wooden dining table

Do you like this combination of wood look tiles and black piece of dining room furniture?

The floor tiles write great fresh Interior

The coffee table great corresponding with floor tiles

Floor tiles with wood optics

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