Bad Weather, Scary Track, and Performance of Test Race

Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz uses Toro Rosso as their driver. He manages to achieve a good pace in wet tracks at practice session for Japanese Grand Prix. He manages to set a time 0.504 faster than Daniil Kvyat a driver for Red Bull. During the session various degrees of rain is pouring over the track. At the test they use the same tire of lightly treaded intermediate and set their time at different speed. Nico Rosberg a driver for Mercedes manages to take third place. He uses different tire than Toro Rosso and Daniil Kvyat. At the test race Rosberg uses heavily treaded wet tire. Sebastian Vettel from Ferrari’s positioned at fourth. He also uses intermediate tire but different driving technique. Such technique is able to put him ahead of Lewis Hamilton which is also from Mercedes. He uses a full wet tire for the test race. Clik here for agen bola terpercaya information.

Not every team participate o this test race. Some of them choose to set back and wait the weather to improve. Among those team 12 drivers are go out and try the track with different choices of tires. Prediction about weather improvement during the weekend would make people have certain difficulty in choosing the right tire for the race. They also dint like the idea of wasting driver life over a lap time setting or track testing. They saw some driver have some difficulties handling the track during the weather condition. Some drivers have some of track moment and seem to hesitate to take some turn.

Vettel had to make scary sound with his car when he passes through hairpin and Spoon Curve. This curve is supposed to be simple in dry situation but on wet situation it would be dangerous and slippery. Valtteri Bottas from Williams drive to a puddle of water at 130R curve but nothing happened afterward since he manage to take back the control for his car thus the test can proceed without any spectacles. The puddle forces him to drive wide. On the dry situation the curve can be passed easily at 200mph. Felipe Massa is the one that pass through the off-course situation after handling a difficult corner called Degner Two. This corner has the reputation to put driver in dangerous situation but he manages to clear the car off road barrier.

This course situation makes it doubtful for Ferrari to have a chance repeating domination like what we saw on Singapore track last weekend. The situation is far different thus Vettel would need to perform hard work if he seeks for domination. He was 0.442 secs behind but both of them uses different choice of tires thus it is possible that Vettel could do better if he have used the same tire. Rosberg and Hamilton does make a statement that Singapore track doesn’t agreeable with them thus they only manage to give the kind of performance we saw on Singapore track. Despite of that reason Mercedes still needs to put those driver to a test and give them a chance to prove that they can do better this time.

Ready Back to the Race Again, Ivan Basso

ivan basso

Do you know who Ivan Basso is? For people who live in all of the sport news in their live, of course will know a lot about him. Yes, he is one of many popular athletes around the world. Was born in November 26, 1997, Basso makes the bicycle as he true friend. Tour is one of his favorite activities that make him popular until this time. He becomes a professional bicycle racer until this time and right now, he belongs as one of the biggest racers of UCI ProTeam Tinkoff-Saxo. With his team, we create his nice memory in the world of bicycle race.

His journey of the Tour is having no doubt, him ever won in the 2006 and the 2010 edition of the Giro d’italia. Yes, he ever get double winner at that periods. From those experiences, that makes him nicknamed as Ivan the Terrible and placed Ivan Basso considered into the class of the strongest riders in the stage race ever and becomes one of the best professional mountain riders in this 21st century. Well, that is quite prestigious experience and record of accomplishment of Ivan Basso in the race of professional bicycle tour in the world.

Ivan Basso ever got the third and the runner up in the 2004 Tour de France; it given another proves that he is one of the best professional racers ever. In the 2005 edition of the Tour de France, he also brought the bright achievement in the field with the runner-up position. With those amazing experience, it does not mean that he has a very clear name in his history. Yes, he ever made the world surprised with his doping scandal back in 2008 edition of the Tour. With that story, he ever had two-years off from the professional race and back with his second winner in the 2010.

Ivan Basso is now back to the race after finished the treatment for his sick. Yes, he also ever had some problem with his physical body. He revealing that he had testicular cancer and he needed to get the full treatment in the pain. This Italian racer ever gets problems with his left testicle because of the crash in the Tour. He also reported to had tumor that made his condition need to get full treatment in the past. With that story, it makes Ivan the Terrible has quite impressive journey in his life as one of the best Italian racer in the world.

After he got operation in Milan for his injury and tumor, his team, UCI ProTeam Tinkoff-Saxo, brings great news to the world with their tweet in their official twitter account “Fabulous news on @ivanbasso! Results from final controls show no need for extra treatment. The dark period that started at Le tour is over,” With that news, some supporter and big fans of Ivan Basso will have more bright days with the comeback of their best racer ever. So, what do you think about his comeback to the race?

Stenson Gets a Pass Forward

Henrik Stenson

Triple bogey snuff out Jason Day chance to make a good pace at first round of Tour Championship. So much of a good start Jason Day had to face his bad luck. A cursed luck puts him behind Henrik Stenson which seems to be doing fine on this first round. It is rare to see world number hat to stand behind an old player like Stenson. The opening round for Day is one-under-69 this leads to a tie at 11th hole. This is six strokes behind Stenson which manage to set his position at seven-under-63. Right after he became world best golfer Day manage to prove his worth by making three birdies for the first three holes at East Lake Golf Club. Days’ phase is down when he fail to make another birdie for the next hole. It gets worse after he hit the ball outside the fence at the fifth hole.

Since the situation force him to re-tee, Day miss the green on his right. He manages to get to the fifth hole but had to miss a 10-foot putt thus he make his third bogey. At his point his awesome performance at the beginning of the round has reduced to nothing. He manages to get back under par after making birdie on eighth hole. This 27-year-old player is eventually making par-five 15th. At 16 he had to make another mistake that set him back to his previous position. Now he had to think a way to make birdies on round two thus he can once again claim his chance to $US10million bonus that offered by FedEx Cup. Those birdies would give him a chance to make the fifth winning from seven starts.

Stenson is now standing at the nice spot. He has the chance to win the game and earn additional bonus. Day’s finish won’t be able to change anything since he will get the bonus anyway. Everyone likes to see how he puts up his shows. He is initially racing to get eight-under while finishing up 12 holes. From this spot he shifts to slower pace by making four pars. A bogey is happened on 17th hole but it doesn’t do much damage to his good start. He is still ahead of Paul Casey from England by two strokes. Compared to Rory McIlroy the former number 1 golfer he would ha a tie. Zach Johnson the winner of British Open is four strokes under him.

Steven Bowditch is the fifth guy in this tournament is doing well with 68. At fourth first hole he makes two birdies and bogeys then walk through 14 and make two birdies at 15 and 16 holes. He knows that the game is tough and he can’t make too much mistakes. He thinks that such tension related to the condition of playing at the end of playoffs. He saw other guys play better than par but in his opinion getting a par is already good enough since it is already difficult to take a chance on making it.

Former Player in NRL Reveals His Prescription Drug Habit

drug habit

A representative of former NRL player has a report of taking around 50 table of valium a day. This is happened due to his addiction to prescription drug. Taking 50 tablets a day is a proof that he got a heavy addiction over this drug. This addiction is supported by a cub of doctors that would give him a prescription of anti-anxiety drug. The doctors have given a chance for his addiction to stay on him for two years long. He knows that this is a mistake but he doesn’t have the opportunity to get away from the drug since doctors keep providing him with it. The addiction starts with an attempt of taking away the pain that he had to bear as he sustains an injury.

Initially the drug is useful to take the pain away for him. He would take the drug once or twice for each day he passes with the injury. After a while the body gets used to the drug. The same dose won’t do much to relieve him from pain. This induces and urges to take more of those pills. Before he knows he has already taking around 20 to 30 pill as his daily dose. He said that he make one prescription only last for a day. Pain killer is not the only drug he takes in one day. He also needs Xanax to help him sleep. Every day after he wakes up he would take another prescription of valium and proceed his day with series of training. The training would last for three or four hours and he would go straight home. Then the cycle of drug abuse would start again when he wants to go sleep.

He makes a comment about the possibility that half of NRL player have their own way to abuse prescription drugs. This statement is quite shocking and he is asked to speak for the record and agreed. But later he refutes his willingness based on his employer advice. The employer said that any direct comment about NFL that delivered publicly may, in any way, create bad effect to his profile. As a player he knows that he have a responsibility to give performance on every assigned match. After the match, however small his role is, he will get to feel good about himself through the rest of the week.

Looking back at the effort he has performed during each of his game he feels that he haven done enough for is team. He feels that he can make better preparation and give better result on the game. The club boss knows his habit and eventually stops him from abusing the drug. The boss said that he would kill himself or someone else if he keeps doing what he did. Abusing prescription drugs become a good topic after an incident of painkillers overdose by Dylan Walker and Aaron Gray. Both of players have improved condition after the incident and have removed to private ward. Series of tests awaits them and they will be released if they pass.

Worcestershire Beats off Middlesex

John Simpson and Tim Murtagh

Around the end of tea interval the season of New Road starts its closing time. Worcestershire fan is relieved from duty and able to go back to business that they neglect during the length of the game. They stretch their self a bit, says some parting word to the team and chat while walking toward their dinner. They didn’t seem to be upset and still have a smile on their face even though they know that they will play on Second Division next year. Worcestershire gives a lot of contribution for Middlesex at the second inning. The team now will look at the matches on Trent Bridge closely wondering whether they can have a chance to stay at the second place. People wait for this interesting moment to see the outcome of the game.

John Simpson and Tim Murtagh partnership are incapable to hide the problem in Middlesex cricket which obviously seen. They make their first inning ends with a score of 333. This is actually a good score which put them at the lead but Daryl Mitchell make an extravagant move by ending the game at 431 for five. At afternoon session they manage to lose every wicket they had. At 24 overs they manage to make nine for 89 which is a result they make for one of the stages this make them out of 205, in the sum they are an inning and 128 runs behind which doesn’t seem good to be a good outcome for the match.

Toms, Fell and Kohler-Cadmore makes Middlesex lose in bating competition by making 229 runs. The pitch allows seamers to get through consistently and in addition they also out-bowled. Shannon Gabriel makes a good spectacle on this game by making remarkable pace that set huge difference. He hasn’t been in the team for long and he won’t stay for long. He have signed from Trinidad for short span of time and at the match he make a reminder that county cricket still have enough capability as they had several decades ago. He didn’t take much in the game. During second inning he takes two wickets but during the process he puts up a good show. At a pace he got beaten and bowled. Paul Stirling had to rough him up at the process which makes him had to endure some trivial bruises.

Middlesex manages to get 39 without losing any at lunch. They seem to be serious about amending their debacle on the first inning. They are making a positive intention in this inning. After interval we manage to have a good laugh looking at Ed Bernard, Jack Shantry and Gabriel receives some help from two comedies which runs last and through the order. Before that happened Fell are making the score to 171 until finally he is stopped by Dexter. Kohler-Cadmore take that opportunity and make their first hundred by making and advance toward Ollie Rayner. In the end Mitchel had to bring them back in but at that time they already make 130.

Sam Burgees: The Threat from the Wales

Sam Burgees

England versus Wales will be an interesting match to see. Indeed, the match will not be available until 26th of September, and it is better notice several things below as there are several things that will make the competition heats up. First of all, it is definitely the presence of new player. It should be known publicly that he is Sam Burgees, and he is definitely amazing player. He is an international rugby player which is one reason why he will be deployed in the next match. However, it is not a really big deal. The reason behind that is because he does not have enough experience enough. With only 112 minutes of playing professionally on the field, he is definitely not mature enough for bigger and more complex event.

It is merely assumption that he does not have enough experience. However, it is also worth to note that the game is definitely quite different which makes this young boy should be careful. As he is still young enough, the opposition team, the Wales, should not have to focus on Sam Burgees. However, the respond was contradictory. Warren Gatland as the coach does not want to go easy on him. A player on field is usually neglected for the sake of achieving more focus if the player is presumably bad. However, Gatland does not seem want to do that at all. He will smash him just like the rest of the team and there will be no exception. It is clearly a wise decision from the coach because neglecting one player regardless of his quality will only lead to destruction. It can return to bite as he reported.

There is a fan of Sam Burgees from Wales known as Bradley Davies. He admitted that he really wants to meet him in the battlefield. He has seen several performances by Sam Burgees, and he admits that he is comparable to Jamie Roberts in terms of style in playing. In addition to wanting to meet him in battlefield, he also wants to strike him before Burgees does to him. Indeed, no one really wants to defend against fast player with high momentum impact, and it is what Davies will do. For the real deal, it is always recommended to set up the channel to see their battle tomorrow. It will be an epic especially when those youngsters collide.

Some may wonder why such young player is invited into the game. One consideration is because Burgees is supposed to be able to defend the center line quite well. Lancaster as the coach believes that he can hamper the movement of Wales, so that the victory for Wales can be negated as well. Such intention is definitely based on several considerations, and another important thing is that Sam is able to attack as well. That way, it is practically possible for England to win from Wales. The decision is definitely vital for the team, and there is no other way than seeing the result for tomorrow’s match.

Dramatic Super League Result

St Helens and Warrington

Last Thursday, the battle between St Helens and Warrington was definitely awesome. The intense heat in the battle seemed to contribute excessively to the end result. We all know that St. Helens always strives for victory in a hard way. Considering one season behind in 2014, the Saint tried so hard for reaching the top, and finally the team did it. It was not without excessive effort since the team had been lost for many times at that time. In this season, such thing could have appeared again. Unfortunately, their struggles were denied by Warrington. They were forced to give up in the match because the Wolves were just too strong. The real proof is definitely the scoreboard. The end result is 16 – 32 and it was irrecoverable until the end of the match.

The match was quite interesting. Actually St. Helens had made great attempt several times, and some of them were successful. Greenwood, Swift, and Flanagan run for achieving victory to the end of the field. However, none was quite success to score until Walsh came in the play. He finally could score two goals resulting 16 points for St Helens. It lasted until the end of the game. His opponent, Warrington, made greater effort proven by the number of tries seen in the course of the game. Monaghan, Johnson, Hill, Atkins, Penny, Asostasi were greatest contributors of the game. Without them, the wolves could not force Helens to reduce their chance for pressing any longer. The scorer of the game was Monaghan contributing 8 points, and Sandow and Monaghan scoring 24 points.

Even though the Wolves gained valuable victory, there was a problem related to the team. There are three players contributed the last game for themselves. Two of them are Richie Myler and Roy Asostasi, and they basically were great contributors in the game. The other one is the captain of Warrington i.e. Joel Monaghan. In the course of battle, there was something dramatic again happening. It was due to several disallowed tries of Kevin Penny. The first try in the early of the match was disallowed because Atkins pushed Makinson’s back. In the other cases, there were knock-on, offside, and another push.

Several comments were reported after the matches. From St Helens, the coach admitted that Warrington released all of their efforts in the latest match against them. It was a truthfully statement since basically the wolves had nothing to lose at that time. As defense he mentioned that the team was probably exhausted after battle against Wigan. However, just like usual, the team always plays hard in most of the match. It made them unable to reach maximum potential in every match. From Warrington’s point of view, it was basically a great game for revenge. Moreover, it was memorable game especially for the trio leaving this team. He expressed that consistency is important since it is the proof whether a team is absolutely worth for being at the top. After all, Super League between two northerners ended up good.

Pietersen Talk About His Career

Kevin Pietersen

Kevin Pietersen said if the director of England cricket Andrew Strauss completely ignores him to follow the Ashes match against Australia. This South African-born controversial figure also spoke to 200 delegates at a meeting of Sport Industry Breakfast Club on Thursday. At that time he was asked whether his former captain Strauss made a correct step in leaving him. Pietersen replied firmly that the decision was correct. He also added that some of the things that have been done with the England team and to get past players back in the locker room it were a brilliant idea. There are many knowledge out there and people usually missed out.

As we know that Pietersen was dismissed by the England team in the past year due to a number of incidents this culminated in a 5-0 score Ashes defeat in Australia. During that time, he was charged regardless of team. A media asked him whether the presence of this dismissal Pietersen’s career would stop and he replied “I am now enjoying my beautiful life. I am not worrying about what already happened in the last time.” During the 2012 test series against South Africa, Pietersen sending provocative text about captain Strauss to opposition players. Hostility between them was back in the last year when Strauss broadcasting for Sky Sports the offensive comments about former his teammate.

Demands call for Pietersen Remember in May when he gave a score of 355 for Surrey against Leicestershire. At that stage he had also met with Strauss. With a slight laugh he said that if he went there with a lot of positive and left with a slightly negative. He made a decision and it turned out fine. England wins the Ashes. “I think it is very ridiculous and nonsense to leave me out. I might say something stronger for him and I think that England could win and I do not look back to the May meeting”. He also said if he feels like pretty cool about it.

Pietersen said that he have many business interests. He turning out for Surrey this year, in the Caribbean Premier League he represented St Lucia Zouks. He also signed for the Dolphins in the South African Twenty20. Pietersen also said that Twenty20 is going to stay because that game brings a whole different audience. He love to become a cricket tester, but he feel like this stage going to be dead if the game structure not to remain intact.

He also argues that test cricketers need to be paid more. He thinks that they need to know that they are being looked after. Pietersen said if he not saying they don’t get paid well. Some of them playing cricket and earn good money, but they should be saying if they want to be playing test cricket. All statements Pietersen is of course merely for the sake of advancing the sport of cricket. Now, he just focused on Twenty20 for play the Durban based in the South Africa.

Valcke’s Email is Being Investigated

Valcke e mail

Swiss prosecutors who investigate corruption in football gets a promise from FIFA on Thursday that investigators will get emails access of general secretary Jerome Valcke is being suspended, if the various requirements can be met. Swiss Attorney General requested access to all Valcke’s email as part of investigations into the nomination process for the World Cup host in 2018 & 2022. Lauber received many electronic documents associated with the case, but the correspondent Valcke – the former right hand of FIFA president Sepp Blatter – has so far been blocked.

But on Thursday, “FIFA informed to the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland that FIFA will give you access to email accounts of Mr. Jerome Valcke if various requirements can be met,” said a statement sent to AFP by Andre Marty, a spokesman Lauber. Promise of FIFA that occurs when the executive committee meets in Zurich, where officials received the reforms regarding the crisis around the world football organization is being hit by the scandal.

Blatter ready to face the media on Friday, where he will be greeted statement and questions about the Swiss investigation, which is separate from the investigation into the US camp that looking for corruption in the world of football, as well as sudden dismissal of Valcke. Valcke left his position last week amid allegations that he agreed that World Cup tickets are sold at prices that are rising rapidly. Swiss man was dismissed allegations he had made a mistake.

The Swiss prosecutor, who requested access to the correspondent Valcke before he was fired, gives no indication of the requirements demanded FIFA exchange for unblocking of the email. FIFA on Thursday morning confirmed it was “committed” to assist in any investigation.

The general attorney previously said the assets include flats in the Swiss Alps has been seized as part of the investigation, in which he warned that it has not even reached the age halftime. Lauber did not mention the names of others who may face criminal charges in Switzerland, and thus it remains unclear whether Valcke is the main target.

However, before his dismissal, the former secretary general has been under threat after being involved in the alleged bribery by South Africa related to their right to host the 2010 World Cup. Russia and Qatar won the right to host the World Cup in 2018 and 2022, but they may lose that right if there is clear evidence that bribery, FIFA officials said.

Since the last meeting of the executive committee, the crisis surrounding FIFA has increased. On Wednesday, Swiss Justice Ministry is approved the extradition to US for Rafael Esquievel, the man from Venezuela who is a former FIFA official, who is one of a number of people were arrested in early morning raids in Zurich on May. Switzerland also approved transfer to the jurisdiction of the United States against the former FIFA vice president Eugenio Figueredo, the man from Uruguay, where decisions extradition of 4 other suspects will be out in the next few days.

Lotus Chance to Match Other Team under Their Legal Problem

Romain Grosjean

Romain Grosjean a driver from Lotus performs his interview under the rain. He had no choice but to take question this way. Romain Grosjean is an interesting subject since the team are making a deal with Renault which may allow the team to work properly for Japanese Grand Prix. Some constructor from British had to go in uncertainty for his future. The team is in the problem of mounting money. Bailiff had to sit on Lotus hospitality tent on Thursday. He is found to be grateful for the hospitality. He admits with a hint that he had bad situation previously and grateful for other team that open their door for him and help him solve the situation. Lotus is known for its tax violation and will sit on the court for the case in 28 September.

At the preparation for the race on this weekend, we can see that some freight pulls over near the tent to unload their weight. Their cargo that also include Mercedes engines are arrived following the end of lunch time that Thursday. Now we can see lots of mess lying about on the paddock. Problem in the team doesn’t slow Grosjean down. Last month we can see him finishing the race in third position. He put out a hope that everything will be well and the team manages to sort out their problem soon. He also point out that the race is the most important thing for that time. With enough equipment he can perform his part on the team while other people can find the best solution for team problems.

Despite of allegation that fallen upon the team Grosjean said it doesn’t make us incapable to achieve the podium for this weekend. He knows that the team is in worrisome situation. There is uncertainty for the team future which would make an impact to lives that depends on it. But he implores to remember position and task of each member on the team and do a great job for the team. Thus they would lose the spirit to be the best. There is a discussion of making deals with Renault to take over the race and give a future to those involved in Lotus F1 team.

It seems that Grosjean is ready to leave his outfit that allows him to make lots of money when the season ends. He will wear an American outfit next season. It is predicted that he may prefer to go for Haas as a good destination after leaving Lotus. Skipping test race may relate to the team situation since no one saw lotus put their driver down to set a lap time. Or maybe Grosjean feels it would be a waste of time considering the weather that he has to endure during the race. Meanwhile Mercedes have put their driver down on the track to test their new engine performance with this track. This engine has been tested three weeks ago at Italian Grand Prix. Based on Singapore race, the engine proves to be great.