Bad Weather, Scary Track, and Performance of Test Race

Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz uses Toro Rosso as their driver. He manages to achieve a good pace in wet tracks at practice session for Japanese Grand Prix. He manages to set a time 0.504 faster than Daniil Kvyat a driver for Red Bull. During the session various degrees of rain is pouring over the track. At the test they use the same tire of lightly treaded intermediate and set their time at different speed. Nico Rosberg a driver for Mercedes manages to take third place. He uses different tire than Toro Rosso and Daniil Kvyat. At the test race Rosberg uses heavily treaded wet tire. Sebastian Vettel from Ferrari’s positioned at fourth. He also uses intermediate tire but different driving technique. Such technique is able to put him ahead of Lewis Hamilton which is also from Mercedes. He uses a full wet tire for the test race. Clik here for agen bola terpercaya information.

Not every team participate o this test race. Some of them choose to set back and wait the weather to improve. Among those team 12 drivers are go out and try the track with different choices of tires. Prediction about weather improvement during the weekend would make people have certain difficulty in choosing the right tire for the race. They also dint like the idea of wasting driver life over a lap time setting or track testing. They saw some driver have some difficulties handling the track during the weather condition. Some drivers have some of track moment and seem to hesitate to take some turn.

Vettel had to make scary sound with his car when he passes through hairpin and Spoon Curve. This curve is supposed to be simple in dry situation but on wet situation it would be dangerous and slippery. Valtteri Bottas from Williams drive to a puddle of water at 130R curve but nothing happened afterward since he manage to take back the control for his car thus the test can proceed without any spectacles. The puddle forces him to drive wide. On the dry situation the curve can be passed easily at 200mph. Felipe Massa is the one that pass through the off-course situation after handling a difficult corner called Degner Two. This corner has the reputation to put driver in dangerous situation but he manages to clear the car off road barrier.

This course situation makes it doubtful for Ferrari to have a chance repeating domination like what we saw on Singapore track last weekend. The situation is far different thus Vettel would need to perform hard work if he seeks for domination. He was 0.442 secs behind but both of them uses different choice of tires thus it is possible that Vettel could do better if he have used the same tire. Rosberg and Hamilton does make a statement that Singapore track doesn’t agreeable with them thus they only manage to give the kind of performance we saw on Singapore track. Despite of that reason Mercedes still needs to put those driver to a test and give them a chance to prove that they can do better this time.

Valcke’s Email is Being Investigated

Valcke e mail

Swiss prosecutors who investigate corruption in football gets a promise from FIFA on Thursday that investigators will get emails access of general secretary Jerome Valcke is being suspended, if the various requirements can be met. Swiss Attorney General requested access to all Valcke’s email as part of investigations into the nomination process for the World Cup host in 2018 & 2022. Lauber received many electronic documents associated with the case, but the correspondent Valcke – the former right hand of FIFA president Sepp Blatter – has so far been blocked.

But on Thursday, “FIFA informed to the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland that FIFA will give you access to email accounts of Mr. Jerome Valcke if various requirements can be met,” said a statement sent to AFP by Andre Marty, a spokesman Lauber. Promise of FIFA that occurs when the executive committee meets in Zurich, where officials received the reforms regarding the crisis around the world football organization is being hit by the scandal.

Blatter ready to face the media on Friday, where he will be greeted statement and questions about the Swiss investigation, which is separate from the investigation into the US camp that looking for corruption in the world of football, as well as sudden dismissal of Valcke. Valcke left his position last week amid allegations that he agreed that World Cup tickets are sold at prices that are rising rapidly. Swiss man was dismissed allegations he had made a mistake.

The Swiss prosecutor, who requested access to the correspondent Valcke before he was fired, gives no indication of the requirements demanded FIFA exchange for unblocking of the email. FIFA on Thursday morning confirmed it was “committed” to assist in any investigation.

The general attorney previously said the assets include flats in the Swiss Alps has been seized as part of the investigation, in which he warned that it has not even reached the age halftime. Lauber did not mention the names of others who may face criminal charges in Switzerland, and thus it remains unclear whether Valcke is the main target.

However, before his dismissal, the former secretary general has been under threat after being involved in the alleged bribery by South Africa related to their right to host the 2010 World Cup. Russia and Qatar won the right to host the World Cup in 2018 and 2022, but they may lose that right if there is clear evidence that bribery, FIFA officials said.

Since the last meeting of the executive committee, the crisis surrounding FIFA has increased. On Wednesday, Swiss Justice Ministry is approved the extradition to US for Rafael Esquievel, the man from Venezuela who is a former FIFA official, who is one of a number of people were arrested in early morning raids in Zurich on May. Switzerland also approved transfer to the jurisdiction of the United States against the former FIFA vice president Eugenio Figueredo, the man from Uruguay, where decisions extradition of 4 other suspects will be out in the next few days.

Lotus Chance to Match Other Team under Their Legal Problem

Romain Grosjean

Romain Grosjean a driver from Lotus performs his interview under the rain. He had no choice but to take question this way. Romain Grosjean is an interesting subject since the team are making a deal with Renault which may allow the team to work properly for Japanese Grand Prix. Some constructor from British had to go in uncertainty for his future. The team is in the problem of mounting money. Bailiff had to sit on Lotus hospitality tent on Thursday. He is found to be grateful for the hospitality. He admits with a hint that he had bad situation previously and grateful for other team that open their door for him and help him solve the situation. Lotus is known for its tax violation and will sit on the court for the case in 28 September.

At the preparation for the race on this weekend, we can see that some freight pulls over near the tent to unload their weight. Their cargo that also include Mercedes engines are arrived following the end of lunch time that Thursday. Now we can see lots of mess lying about on the paddock. Problem in the team doesn’t slow Grosjean down. Last month we can see him finishing the race in third position. He put out a hope that everything will be well and the team manages to sort out their problem soon. He also point out that the race is the most important thing for that time. With enough equipment he can perform his part on the team while other people can find the best solution for team problems.

Despite of allegation that fallen upon the team Grosjean said it doesn’t make us incapable to achieve the podium for this weekend. He knows that the team is in worrisome situation. There is uncertainty for the team future which would make an impact to lives that depends on it. But he implores to remember position and task of each member on the team and do a great job for the team. Thus they would lose the spirit to be the best. There is a discussion of making deals with Renault to take over the race and give a future to those involved in Lotus F1 team.

It seems that Grosjean is ready to leave his outfit that allows him to make lots of money when the season ends. He will wear an American outfit next season. It is predicted that he may prefer to go for Haas as a good destination after leaving Lotus. Skipping test race may relate to the team situation since no one saw lotus put their driver down to set a lap time. Or maybe Grosjean feels it would be a waste of time considering the weather that he has to endure during the race. Meanwhile Mercedes have put their driver down on the track to test their new engine performance with this track. This engine has been tested three weeks ago at Italian Grand Prix. Based on Singapore race, the engine proves to be great.