Choose Fine Porcelain Stoneware Tiles And Granite Tiles As Wall Tiling And Flooring

More about fine porcelain stoneware tiles and granite tiles

Tiles make functional and beautiful modern interior design. It covered tiles, walls, floors, bath tubs, stairs and even windowsills. Here, quality plays a decisive role. In this jumble of materials seen but definitely spoilt for choice. What will it be: fine stone, natural stone, porcelain or granite? Known as ceramic tile, and granite tiles are good options for your wall design fine porcelain stoneware. Sure, we want to draw your attention today. Are currently in the renovation of your home or you want to make a new home now? Are you maybe still not sure on what type of material you want to use exactly? Our today's post gives answers to many questions in relation to the use of porcelain stoneware and granite slabs. And who knows, maybe choose porcelain bathroom flooring and granite for the Compositon of your terrace or your kitchen countertop?

Select stoneware tiles for the flooring in the bathroom

Fashion porcelain stoneware tiles - kitchen with noble floor tiles

To choose the right flooring is not always just a matter of the own preferences. On intensive land use of the flooring is worn quickly. Then creates an unpleasant appearance, in addition you must also spend money on redesign. Sustainable interior solutions are the main goal for any home owner. You want to enjoy the newly laid floor tiles long time, pull then long-term solutions to consider. Regular maintenance of course plays a key role. The market is flooded by different companies offer what are high quality and facet-rich variety of tiles of different materials. You have to spend some time on the Internet, to make a reasonable decision after thorough research. As we have pointed out at the beginning of our article, dealing with us today natural stone and granite tiles. In our research on the subject of the AG natural stone works is extra we noticed.

Choose the right flooring for the living room

A trendy alternative to natural stone is fine porcelain stoneware. Porcelain stoneware is fascinating as material due to its positive characteristics. It is the highest estimated due to its low water absorption. How you can conclude himself from it, this is an appropriate application in kitchens and bathrooms. But it depends, what the fine steinzeug tiles have a surface.

Create modern and appealing environment through the installation of natural stone tiles

Porcelain tiles can be glazed or polished. It plays so essential for its properties and for its application in the Interior if the stoneware is glazed or not. It is unglazed, it distinguishes itself by its high resistance. And it is unbreakable, it is preferred as a floor covering. Because it is heavily used, you like to occupies the corridor floor with porcelain stoneware, tiles. In contrast to the restricted optics of unglazed porcelain stoneware, glazed tiles and plates with their beautiful look fascinated by. Therefore like to used this with a decorative purpose in the interior design. The material is processed and so are stylish porcelain stoneware tiles, whose Oberfläche can imitate wood, stone and even fabrics. Glazed porcelain stoneware shows so better properties in comparison to the unglazed.

In the kitchen, granite is a good application. Table clad with granite and countertops are not only a practical solution, but also send affect the whole ambience. Granite has good technical properties, making it a popular material. Robust floor tiles are made of granite, which makes him a suitable flooring for the terrace. Non-slip granite tile are the perfect solution for outdoor use, where weather conditions are sometimes unpredictable and surprising. The choice of colors and textures is limitless in the granite. You can make a beautiful area so where granite looks stylish and is well to the fore.

Granite is suitable as a material for the modern kitchen

Black granite tiles bring the kitchen to a higher level

Ceramic tiles are a good investment. Also from the aesthetic point of view they are a stylish solution. Granite tiles lend the interiors also look chic. A condition should be met but: regular maintenance cleaning the tiles guarantees a longer life.

Do regularly clean tiles

Traditional Portuguese Tiles In The Modern Interior Design

Azulejo - the traditional Portuguese wall tiles to the modern interior design

When it comes to wall decoration design industry has come up with some. Much is invented, but also rediscovered and reinterpreted. Turning to the latter category, one comes across many traditional ways to make your own four walls, tastefully. The Portuguese tiles are probably less known in our circles. The tradition of laying of tiles came in the Mediterranean regions from the Orient, where she developed the mosaic art. The word mosaic is derived from the Greek word Musa , who were the protectors of the arts and Sciences in mythology.

Portuguese tiles

The so-called Azulejos dress a majority of exterior and interior walls of sacred but also secular buildings in Portugal. Is it once in this country, leaving the architecture with the colored majolica cladding as the hallmark of the city image in memory.

In public spaces, the Azulejos serve as a kind of underground for the representation of various scenes. Houses have, however, often a monochrome or multi-lingual ornament pattern that can be executed in different colors. But can be with this tile adorn not only the facade, but also the bathroom or the kitchen. A such wall design, combined with a refined interior, certainly makes your home a Catcher with high feel-good factor. There is the wall tiles, for example, as

Border tiles

Decorative tiles

Solid colour tiles

Tile images

Attach wall tiles quickly and easily yourself

If you have decided to install a new tile mirror, whether from Portuguese Azulejos or other Mediterranean and Oriental tiles (for example, Spain and Tunisia), it applies to note a lot so as to obtain an optimum result. Here is a small Guide to installing ceramic wall tiles in the kitchen:

Prepare surface: he must be clean, dry, flat and stable. Small cracks and unevenness can be filled quickly. Before tiling, the substrate must be also treated with a deep-acting lock primer so that the adhesive is not absorbed from the surface.

To ensure a straight history of the tiles, you should draw a horizontal and a vertical bar by using a spirit level for the first series.

Touch the tile adhesive according to the manufacturer.

The adhesive is sections applied and combed through with a notched trowel. The perforation hangs from the back of the tiles (a strong profile requires large perforation) and the tile size. Where later cut tiles are laid, the adhesive with a trowel can be scraped off.

The tiles are laid along the marked progression in the adhesive bed. The so-called tile crosses are used for the correct distance between the tiles.

You need to cut the tiles a tile cutter and to rounded openings a Tile nippers.

Finally the wall tiles Grouting: scrape any run-out adhesive, the mixed Grout with a sponge Board or rubber slider work diagonally into the joints and tile surface cleaning as soon as he starts to dry. Follow sections, beginning there best with clean, where they started with the Grouting.

A veil but the left can be removed with a special cleaner.

Tile surfaces that come with water contact, such as in the area of the sink must be sealed with silicone joints.

Any material that you need for the laying of wall tile, can be ordered at www.contorion . Otherwise no limits of imagination: the Azulejos are combinable and available in many variations and conjure an exotic flair to your home in no time.

Bathroom Tiles - The Role Of The Material And Colors

Bathroom tiles - to select the appropriate type

Colors can make the great look in your bathroom or destroy. Of glass and wood-look up natural stone bathroom tiles, there are a number of striking examples of this. There are many factors that would pull at your choice into consideration. Here are our tips and decorating.

Type of floor tiles for the location

First, you should determine more precisely which area you want to perform the installation. So you narrow the selection of tiles and materials. For example, stone, porcelain and ceramic surfaces and floors are most suitable.

Glass tiles are ideal for the back wall.

Glass bathroom tiles

Glass bathroom tiles are worked out in various colors and patterns. It's a more expensive option. It can be combined with other jasminlive options but wonderful. So you get less of this. Her bath would boast a special shine.

Ceramic bathroom tiles

Typically, they cost less than the bathroom tiles made of glass. They are ideal for rooms with a lot of steam. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and install. You are also very easily removed.

Achieve a more natural look with stone tiles

Bathroom tile ideas bathroom tile wall tiles bathroom

With stone tiles, you can reach a natural look in your bathroom. They would immensely enhance the ambience by organic texture. Stone bathroom tiles provide the unique touch, one always wants to.

Porcelain - extra set

The structure of porcelain tiles is extra tight and hard. They also represent a very suitable option for the bathroom because they absorb no liquid.

Choose the right color palette

After you have selected the material, choose the appropriate color palette. There are three important things that you should keep it in the sense. First consider the size of the room. Dark shades would make it look more comfortable, but more closely. Consider the theme of the bathroom design well and then get started!

Everything must harmonise with each other.

Bathroom tiles wood

Wood is a great idea for the bathroom. However, it requires a relatively large investment. You have the possibility to choose bathroom tiles in wood for. This can be achieved thanks to innovative technologies with many different materials.

We wish you lots of fun during the renovation and redesign your bathroom!

Let your bathroom visually bigger impact by mirror wall tiles

The bathroom tiles in wood appearance provide an upscale look

Make a top choice by the hexagonal bathroom tiles

Combine two colours of the tiles

The marble is a good looking and solid material

Bathroom tile ideas bathroom tiles bathroom tiles ideas

A color accent wall provides a cheerful atmosphere in the bathroom

Also the bathroom furniture should be sought from appropriates

Wall Decoration Ideas For Individual And Upscale Bathroom Design

Decorative wall design ideas in the bathroom

Is the neutral and hollow bath not for you? Then take your time, well to put the changes before the next renewal. What would you like best for a mural?

Need a little boost to your creativity? Here are some wall design ideas with WOW effect for you!

Wall decoration ideas - the ordinary in a new light

The usual ceramic tiles are sometimes able to look really original. You must only select the tiles in an interesting form. What do you think of bee Hexagon, round or irregular shapes? There are also more unusual variations. Each small original idea will provide a result quite original!

Various forms

Actually, you can play not only with various shapes. There are wonderful wall design ideas, which include tiles of the same form, but of different size.

The uniform color palette is important. Otherwise, the Interior would be very much to unharmonic.

The sea as inspiration

Would you like that you remember your last Mediterranean vacation the wall design ideas? Then look out for tiles with a natural-looking and pleasant texture.

Cheap and effective: plastic panels

Original and beautiful wall design ideas should be not always expensive. Had you thought already of plastic panels in the bathroom? Bring a lot of advantages: they are resistant to water and temperature changes. Plastic panels are easy to maintain and can be easily installed.

A piece of nature

The wall design ideas that include wood, are still far too few. It is probably because that this material known to be easily damaged by moisture. There are however some noble types of wood, which are suitable for this purpose. These are, for example, larch, teak and beech. They are more expensive, but worth the investment.

Interesting illusions

The wallpaper is not too innovative approach under the wall design ideas for the bathroom. This should not cause you to underestimate them. You can create different illusions. Wallpaper could leave the impression that you are surrounded by the sea or mountain landscapes. Would you rather choose this topic for the mural in the bathroom?

Industrial charm in the bathroom

Brick walls and their imitations are gaining in popularity among the wall design ideas. Many people find such approach particularly original and sophisticated! And you? What is your opinion about it?

Individual wall design, providing a cheerful bad mood

Unite stone and wood in a boisterous manner

Choose a suitable wood material for the bathroom

This mural would look fine in a spacious bathroom and lifted

Wall decoration ideas - find the perfect color balance

The marble is an excellent material for the bathroom

Coloured wall design with Chavron pattern

Tiles Color Matching Search Or Own Painting!

The colour of the tile - meaning and practical tips

Do you belong to those people who might have sleepless nights if they don't exactly know what tile color you should choose for? If so, then we want to help you now somewhat. Here are some great ideas for shades, as well as instructions on what effect on the atmosphere at home these each have.

Also the topic of the tiles after we have gone through the colours of the tiles now recommended by us, we will go on strike.

Tiles color blue

Blue is the colour of the tile to which today the speech will be. Water, sea, sky are associations, which brings everyone with blue in combination. It's not bad, if these items actually in the environment come to the validity or otherwise occur in the apartment as a theme. But also anyway you go due to the unconscious idea of these images on this shade down.

Blue mosaic tiles

It is just as well. As with blue you could do virtually nothing wrong. It's a classic choice that never goes out of fashion. This year you should combine with green as accents or in another form, to be quite trendy.

Tile Red

This nuance is energetic, very bright and emphasizes the individuality in a very distinctive way. At the same time, this tile color will be effective and will give you good mood and new forces. They should be however more cautious as decoration and textile shades. There are a few colors that look so good.

Tiles color green

If you strive for peace and contact with nature, you should opt for the colour of the tile in green. So, you will also win the so desired effect. You could provide also a neutral color with a green tile paint to add a light nuance of this kind. This is also one of the few options where you can be at the same time original and be on the safe side.

Green well decorative pebbles to spice up or renovate perhaps classic dark wood furniture.

Tiles color beige

At home, a hit among the neutral colors is beige. Still, it is very up to date and offers a variety of different possible combinations. When you paint so the tiles, paint or buy in this nuance, then have an additional advantage: the traces of lime will be not so much to see. The opposite in this respect is the shade of red.

Tiles color yellow

You can paint white tiles in certain places in yellow.

So you have made it here. No matter whether you follow this example or just run all in yellow, you will achieve a playful and very funny effect. Also Friesen with flowers motifs blend beautifully with such baths. Pastel shades, you may reach a gentler appearance.

Tile paint in black and white

You can attach these tiles colors finished. But you could buy only white tiles and then delete them. Anyway, you are, if you have opted for this classic, definitely not wrong. Especially when minimal or very modern to futuristic design in the House, this solution represents a wonderful idea.

Tiles color purple - a female choice

Violet is female and also the trend at present. Lavender, pink and other such typical woman nuances is currently also very up-to-date. At the same time, they work thus also original and elegant.

Tips for tile painting and varnishing

Typically, there are very many universal colours of the tiles, which they easily and successfully could transform the look of this area on the market. However, should you try first selected mixes on a smaller area. Until then, they should be attached around the area.

The materials you need for the tile painting, are the following: washing powder (on any SOAP-based), denatured alcohol, paper tape, color for enamelled surfaces, plastic foam or plastic plates, hair brush, stretch film, clean towels made of a smooth material.

As we proceed

First clean the tiles and let dry them very well. Remove any residue with methylated spirits. With the help of masking tape, you should mark the area which you are then "stroking". Use colors in the plate. Tiles painting and varnishing you should edit at once between one and 1.5 square metres.

An idea of the Selber-painting

Carefully, but quickly, you should place the stretch films on it. Press with both hands. Now remove the stretch film. Now, you could do something to enhance the effect even more. Repeat all the work with the slide stop again.

Fresh bathroom design

Repeat the process all over the remaining surface of the tiles, which are to delete. You may clean them in three weeks at the earliest.

Now, how it looks? Buy new tiles or delete the old ones? Perhaps you want only a paint job, which brings a gentle nuance or entirely new shading with? As it because it, we wish you good luck and have fun here!

Energy-friendly red tiles

Floor tiles are suitable for small bathroom

Green tiles for a Mediterranean look

You love nature?

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