Pietersen Talk About His Career

Kevin Pietersen

Kevin Pietersen said if the director of England cricket Andrew Strauss completely ignores him to follow the Ashes match against Australia. This South African-born controversial figure also spoke to 200 delegates at a meeting of Sport Industry Breakfast Club on Thursday. At that time he was asked whether his former captain Strauss made a correct step in leaving him. Pietersen replied firmly that the decision was correct. He also added that some of the things that have been done with the England team and to get past players back in the locker room it were a brilliant idea. There are many knowledge out there and people usually missed out.

As we know that Pietersen was dismissed by the England team in the past year due to a number of incidents this culminated in a 5-0 score Ashes defeat in Australia. During that time, he was charged regardless of team. A media asked him whether the presence of this dismissal Pietersen’s career would stop and he replied “I am now enjoying my beautiful life. I am not worrying about what already happened in the last time.” During the 2012 test series against South Africa, Pietersen sending provocative text about captain Strauss to opposition players. Hostility between them was back in the last year when Strauss broadcasting for Sky Sports the offensive comments about former his teammate.

Demands call for Pietersen Remember in May when he gave a score of 355 for Surrey against Leicestershire. At that stage he had also met with Strauss. With a slight laugh he said that if he went there with a lot of positive and left with a slightly negative. He made a decision and it turned out fine. England wins the Ashes. “I think it is very ridiculous and nonsense to leave me out. I might say something stronger for him and I think that England could win and I do not look back to the May meeting”. He also said if he feels like pretty cool about it.

Pietersen said that he have many business interests. He turning out for Surrey this year, in the Caribbean Premier League he represented St Lucia Zouks. He also signed for the Dolphins in the South African Twenty20. Pietersen also said that Twenty20 is going to stay because that game brings a whole different audience. He love to become a cricket tester, but he feel like this stage going to be dead if the game structure not to remain intact.

He also argues that test cricketers need to be paid more. He thinks that they need to know that they are being looked after. Pietersen said if he not saying they don’t get paid well. Some of them playing cricket and earn good money, but they should be saying if they want to be playing test cricket. All statements Pietersen is of course merely for the sake of advancing the sport of cricket. Now, he just focused on Twenty20 for play the Durban based in the South Africa.