Lotus Chance to Match Other Team under Their Legal Problem

Romain Grosjean

Romain Grosjean a driver from Lotus performs his interview under the rain. He had no choice but to take question this way. Romain Grosjean is an interesting subject since the team are making a deal with Renault which may allow the team to work properly for Japanese Grand Prix. Some constructor from British had to go in uncertainty for his future. The team is in the problem of mounting money. Bailiff had to sit on Lotus hospitality tent on Thursday. He is found to be grateful for the hospitality. He admits with a hint that he had bad situation previously and grateful for other team that open their door for him and help him solve the situation. Lotus is known for its tax violation and will sit on the court for the case in 28 September.

At the preparation for the race on this weekend, we can see that some freight pulls over near the tent to unload their weight. Their cargo that also include Mercedes engines are arrived following the end of lunch time that Thursday. Now we can see lots of mess lying about on the paddock. Problem in the team doesn’t slow Grosjean down. Last month we can see him finishing the race in third position. He put out a hope that everything will be well and the team manages to sort out their problem soon. He also point out that the race is the most important thing for that time. With enough equipment he can perform his part on the team while other people can find the best solution for team problems.

Despite of allegation that fallen upon the team Grosjean said it doesn’t make us incapable to achieve the podium for this weekend. He knows that the team is in worrisome situation. There is uncertainty for the team future which would make an impact to lives that depends on it. But he implores to remember position and task of each member on the team and do a great job for the team. Thus they would lose the spirit to be the best. There is a discussion of making deals with Renault to take over the race and give a future to those involved in Lotus F1 team.

It seems that Grosjean is ready to leave his outfit that allows him to make lots of money when the season ends. He will wear an American outfit next season. It is predicted that he may prefer to go for Haas as a good destination after leaving Lotus. Skipping test race may relate to the team situation since no one saw lotus put their driver down to set a lap time. Or maybe Grosjean feels it would be a waste of time considering the weather that he has to endure during the race. Meanwhile Mercedes have put their driver down on the track to test their new engine performance with this track. This engine has been tested three weeks ago at Italian Grand Prix. Based on Singapore race, the engine proves to be great.