Former Player in NRL Reveals His Prescription Drug Habit

drug habit

A representative of former NRL player has a report of taking around 50 table of valium a day. This is happened due to his addiction to prescription drug. Taking 50 tablets a day is a proof that he got a heavy addiction over this drug. This addiction is supported by a cub of doctors that would give him a prescription of anti-anxiety drug. The doctors have given a chance for his addiction to stay on him for two years long. He knows that this is a mistake but he doesn’t have the opportunity to get away from the drug since doctors keep providing him with it. The addiction starts with an attempt of taking away the pain that he had to bear as he sustains an injury.

Initially the drug is useful to take the pain away for him. He would take the drug once or twice for each day he passes with the injury. After a while the body gets used to the drug. The same dose won’t do much to relieve him from pain. This induces and urges to take more of those pills. Before he knows he has already taking around 20 to 30 pill as his daily dose. He said that he make one prescription only last for a day. Pain killer is not the only drug he takes in one day. He also needs Xanax to help him sleep. Every day after he wakes up he would take another prescription of valium and proceed his day with series of training. The training would last for three or four hours and he would go straight home. Then the cycle of drug abuse would start again when he wants to go sleep.

He makes a comment about the possibility that half of NRL player have their own way to abuse prescription drugs. This statement is quite shocking and he is asked to speak for the record and agreed. But later he refutes his willingness based on his employer advice. The employer said that any direct comment about NFL that delivered publicly may, in any way, create bad effect to his profile. As a player he knows that he have a responsibility to give performance on every assigned match. After the match, however small his role is, he will get to feel good about himself through the rest of the week.

Looking back at the effort he has performed during each of his game he feels that he haven done enough for is team. He feels that he can make better preparation and give better result on the game. The club boss knows his habit and eventually stops him from abusing the drug. The boss said that he would kill himself or someone else if he keeps doing what he did. Abusing prescription drugs become a good topic after an incident of painkillers overdose by Dylan Walker and Aaron Gray. Both of players have improved condition after the incident and have removed to private ward. Series of tests awaits them and they will be released if they pass.