Dramatic Super League Result

St Helens and Warrington

Last Thursday, the battle between St Helens and Warrington was definitely awesome. The intense heat in the battle seemed to contribute excessively to the end result. We all know that St. Helens always strives for victory in a hard way. Considering one season behind in 2014, the Saint tried so hard for reaching the top, and finally the team did it. It was not without excessive effort since the team had been lost for many times at that time. In this season, such thing could have appeared again. Unfortunately, their struggles were denied by Warrington. They were forced to give up in the match because the Wolves were just too strong. The real proof is definitely the scoreboard. The end result is 16 – 32 and it was irrecoverable until the end of the match.

The match was quite interesting. Actually St. Helens had made great attempt several times, and some of them were successful. Greenwood, Swift, and Flanagan run for achieving victory to the end of the field. However, none was quite success to score until Walsh came in the play. He finally could score two goals resulting 16 points for St Helens. It lasted until the end of the game. His opponent, Warrington, made greater effort proven by the number of tries seen in the course of the game. Monaghan, Johnson, Hill, Atkins, Penny, Asostasi were greatest contributors of the game. Without them, the wolves could not force Helens to reduce their chance for pressing any longer. The scorer of the game was Monaghan contributing 8 points, and Sandow and Monaghan scoring 24 points.

Even though the Wolves gained valuable victory, there was a problem related to the team. There are three players contributed the last game for themselves. Two of them are Richie Myler and Roy Asostasi, and they basically were great contributors in the game. The other one is the captain of Warrington i.e. Joel Monaghan. In the course of battle, there was something dramatic again happening. It was due to several disallowed tries of Kevin Penny. The first try in the early of the match was disallowed because Atkins pushed Makinson’s back. In the other cases, there were knock-on, offside, and another push.

Several comments were reported after the matches. From St Helens, the coach admitted that Warrington released all of their efforts in the latest match against them. It was a truthfully statement since basically the wolves had nothing to lose at that time. As defense he mentioned that the team was probably exhausted after battle against Wigan. However, just like usual, the team always plays hard in most of the match. It made them unable to reach maximum potential in every match. From Warrington’s point of view, it was basically a great game for revenge. Moreover, it was memorable game especially for the trio leaving this team. He expressed that consistency is important since it is the proof whether a team is absolutely worth for being at the top. After all, Super League between two northerners ended up good.